Graphic Designing Process

Our ultimate goal is to help viewers understand a message and, in turn, reap benefits for our client.

At aquester, we have professional graphic designers who create strategically creative designs. We make websites that does visual communication through the use of typography, photography and illustration. The website with strong visual representation gives more power to its ideas and messages. So, here at aquester we create website having high visual definition which attracts more visitors and turns them into your costumers.


  • Our work starts with meeting you and learning about your business needs, goals and objectives.
  • We discuss about the services that you want us to offer.
  • We also discuss the budget and deadline for the project.
  • We can connect through Skype, at the office of Aquester solution or in a mutual place.


  • We dig into every possible material and start researching.
  • We conduct research on market trends, competitors, designs, colors and textures, and product/service differentiators.
  • We give much time and effort on research.


  • We understand that each and every element of a design is sending out a message to viewers so we put much effort while conceptualizing the design.
  • We create conceptual layouts, wireframes and use case scenarios.
  • We focus on reflection, positioning and presentation of the business objective.
  • We create a process diagram for all components.


  • In this phase, we work to create the look and feel of the project.
  • We develop a few drafts.
  • We do the evaluation of the drafts with our client.
  • After the iteration we finalize the design.


  • With an approved design, we deliver your product.
  • We offer assistance and support to our client even after the delivery.
  • We do the evaluation of the drafts with our client.
  • After the iteration we finalize the design.

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